Compass Rose Public Schools, Chief of Staff (2021-2022) (San Antonio, TX)

San Antonio, TX, United States


Date published: 16-Apr-2021

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Chief of Staff (2021-2022)

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We are committed to being a demonstrably anti-racist and genuinely inclusive organization and we expect you to help us achieve this.

Compass Rose was founded with a mission to prepare every student for college and the world beyond. We promise to be a values-driven, social-justice institution that actively fights systemic racism. Our diverse staff, students, and communities will have a voice, support, safety, and recognition to show up as their best and authentic selves every day. 


We promise to collectively uphold these behaviors in our work:

  • Commit to humble self-reflection and continual learning to deeply understand how racism and oppression have impacted our schools, students, communities, and decisions.
  • Operate with transparency on our current state, strategy, and progress to dismantle racist and inequitable policies and practices.
  • Prioritize and elevate diverse voices. 
  • Create a community of learning within and beyond our network.

Your Mission

You are a force multiplier for the CEO and the Executive Leadership Team, and you operate at a tactical, strategic, and operational level. You work directly with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that Compass Rose Public Schools achieves its lofty objectives primarily by making time, information, and decision-making more effective. You will also handle the oversight of critical projects that do not neatly fit within the organizational chart.

Your Responsibilities

Director of the Office of the CEO

  • Your primary responsibility is to act as an extension of the CEO, ensuring the network operates effectively and maintains strong alignment to the values of the organization and the short- and long-term strategic plans. 
  • With the support of the CEO’s remote Executive Assistant, strategically manage the CEO’s time and calendar. Determine daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly priorities and calendar fit of those priorities.
  • Support the CEO in identifying areas where they must direct their focus and identify metrics for success. Revisit regularly and evaluate progress.
  • Monitor information flow: Act as a gatekeeper, ensuring CEO involvement in a project or decision-making process happens at the right moment.
  • Meeting preparation: Preview upcoming meetings to ensure the CEO has all of the information needed to be as productive as possible and send out agendas and documents to attendees in advance as necessary.
  • Meeting follow up: Track action items (both for the CEO and for their direct reports) and ensure follow-up.
  • Produce internal and external communications: Draft newsletters, reports, pitch decks, speeches or presentations for the CEO.
  • Represent Compass Rose and the Office of the CEO at the various city, state, and education reform-related initiatives that impact the charter school community.
  • Block and tackle for the CEO to allow the CEO to maintain a clear focus on highest-impact strategies. 
  • Maintain a high level of integrity and trust within the organization, working closely with the CEO and Executive Leadership Team (ELT). 

Strategy and Leadership

  • Work with the CEO to plan for and execute the annual strategic planning process.
  • Work with the ELT to ensure strategies are translated into specific and time-bound objectives and plans.
  • Communicate vision, strategy, priorities, and data to key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Work with the ELT to define, communicate and track progress towards strategic priorities.
  • Create/curate and update dashboards for reviewing key performance indicators.
  • Co-plan and participate in quarterly Progress-to-Goals (PtG) meetings across the network, and maintain the calendar for progress to goal meetings.
  • Organize and prioritize critical issues and required information for the ELT to facilitate efficient decision-making. 
  • Act as a connective link between our Austin region and our home region in San Antonio by ensuring ATX gets equitable executive time/attention.
  • Work with CEO and other ELT members to refine messaging and to capture the evolving language and vision of our growing network -- debrief presentations, provide notes, capture new or evolving ideas, etc.

Governance & State Compliance

  • Act as the point of contact and school-side manager of all governance (Board) activities.
  • With the remote EA, plan bi-monthly board meetings and yearly board retreats, and lead the operation of those meetings.
  • Capture and maintain essential governance information, including board approvals, resolutions, etc. Update the network’s organizing documents as necessary and ensure compliance at all times.
  • Manage yearly governance training requirements and manage yearly board self-evaluation and CEO evaluation processes.
  • Maintain regular communication with Board Chair and committee chairs between meetings, looping CEO in when necessary. 
  • Ensure the Compass Rose board is engaged appropriately and functioning well.
  • Manage the meeting cadence for the board of directors
  • With support from the CEO and ELT, manage all state compliance activities (reporting, etc.) possible, ensuring the school always maintains a strong relationship with TEA.

Meeting and Event Coordination

  • Manage the meeting cadence for the Executive Leadership team, ensuring materials are sent in advance, time is well spent, objectives are achieved, and notes are kept for the Executive Leadership Team to cascade to their teams.
  • Actively participate in ELT meetings as a member of the network’s leadership team. 
  • Plan the cadence for executive team quarterly stepbacks, annual planning process, weekly meetings, and any special events.
  • Participate in quarterly stepback meetings as a member of the network’s leadership team. 
  • Participate in CEO’s meetings (check-ins, external stakeholder meetings, etc.) when necessary to organize action items and ensure alignment on next steps.
  • Attend meetings as the CEO’s proxy when the CEO cannot be present. 

Project Management

  • Oversee large, often cross-functional organization-wide projects and initiatives including crisis response projects (ie, COVID-19 lead), Five-Year Charter Renewal, Expansion, and Non-Expansion Amendment Requests to TEA, etc. 
  • In support of school DOOs, help organize and manage large initiatives and events at the school level (Compass Rose 101, Graduation, etc.).
  • Research, benchmark, analyze data and make recommendations about how to improve special projects across the network.
  • Create systems and processes to streamline communication and operations for special projects involving multiple departments.


  • Have a bachelor's degree in education, communications, public relations, or a related field
  • Minimum 3 years of leadership in education, government agency, or a non-profit organization
  • Experience as an assistant to a senior leader/executive for a non-profit organization preferred
  • Have strong oral and written communication skills
  • Can manage complex, long-term projects involving multiple stakeholders
  • Have experience managing change management efforts preferred

You’ll love this role if you are...

Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are fully committed to being demonstrably anti-racist. You are committed to breaking down systemic racism in the education space. 


An A-Player. The opportunity to create an impact is real. You work urgently to put every student on the pathway to college and a bright future. You have a proven record of effectiveness in senior leadership roles serving students in high-poverty neighborhoods. 


A serial optimist. The problem we’re addressing is education is massive and growing. You've got a deep, personal commitment to the mission of Compass Rose, and a genuine belief that all students can achieve academic excellence. You see the best in every person you interact with, and you work hard to get the best out of everyone every day. 


An influencer and change manager. You’ve directly influenced and increased the effectiveness of a diverse group of people. You’re a masterful and compelling storyteller. You build relationships across lines of difference, inspire and motivate others to buy into Compass Rose’s vision, navigate challenging conversations with finesse, make tough calls, communicate effectively in all formats, and can manage wide-scale change across the network. 


A driver of results. You've demonstrated the ability to produce results in the pursuit of an ambitious vision and strategy, and you combine your exceptional strategic, analytical, and critical thinking skills with your penchant to use data to drive decision-making to achieve impressive outcomes.


A bridge-builder. You work across individuals, teams, and lines of difference to bring people together to collaborate on complex people-related projects that cross multiple departments and workstreams. People trust you because they trust you will have their backs - even when that means holding them accountable.


A systems creator. You're unfazed by ambiguity and thrive in situations where you get to build something out of nothing, develop and inspire others to execute on strategic plans, or create order out of disorder. You want to do work that's never been done before, better than anyone's ever done it. You build systems that last beyond your tenure in prior roles you’ve held.


An organizational mastermind. You appreciate the big picture, but you know it's all in the details. You manage projects fluidly, fiercely prioritize, and track timelines, data, and information in an organized and systematic fashion. You don't drop balls, miss deadlines, or forget to respond to someone's inquiry. You follow up with other people to follow up with you. 






  • Varies based on experience 

  • Competitive salary based upon credentials and experience Health benefits including medical, dental, vision, and supplementary coverage with multiple plan options
  • Employer-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)
  • Employer-paid Long-term Disability and Life Insurance
  • Paid local personal days, paid bereavement leave, and paid parental leave
  • Participation in Texas Teacher Retirement System (TRS)

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