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Date published: 13-May-2022

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2022 – 2023 | Middle School Assistant Principal

About the Organization: Boston Prep Charter Public School (Boston Prep) is an integrated middle school, high school, and alumni support program rooted in a belief that all students deserve access to an exceptional public education that develops the skills, habits, knowledge, and competencies students require to create a life of their choosing.  With a mission to prepare students to succeed in four-year colleges and embody, in thought and action, lifelong ethical growth, we are fueled by a shared belief that all students can achieve at the highest levels.  Furthermore, we believe that excellent public education is one of the most critical and effective tools we can employ in our efforts to dismantle systemic racism and create a more just society that ensures equitable opportunity for all. 

We are guided, day to day and in our long-term planning, by two community-developed visions, each of which were created through extensive iterative processes involving the shared input and leadership of students, families, alumni, community members, and faculty. 

  • Our Anti-racism Vision Statement establishes our commitment to centering anti-racism in our intentions, words, and actions at all times and our commitment to working to create a culturally responsive environment that is rooted in liberation, equity, and affirmation for all.
  • Our Portrait of a Graduate names the core skills, mindsets, and habits that we aspire for all Boston Prep graduates to develop.  Specifically, we aim for all Boston Prep graduates to be: Independent Thinkers – confident in their ability to plan and direct their learning; Tenacious Learners – persevering through difficulties, setbacks, or opposition to achieve their goals; Creative Problem Solvers – cultivating and using knowledge and original, innovative thinking to solve problems across various contexts; and Conscious Contributors – taking action, independently and with others, to make their community and the world a more equitable place.

We strive each day to increasingly embody what these visions call upon us to do.  In this exciting phase of our development as a school, we are implementing these visions as we design for the future – reimagining what public education can be and designing a rich educational experience that dismantles traditional systems of power, solves deep problems, and supports students in their efforts to create the bright futures they imagine and deserve.   

Relationships are the heart of our community.  We believe that we must develop the whole child, devoting attention to development of both the heart and the mind, balancing accelerated academic learning and social emotional learning because they are interconnected.  Further, we believe that in order to support students in their growth as whole people, we must provide an environment in which faculty are able to develop as whole adults – professionally and personally.  We invest in the creation of safe, productive, and affirming communities grounded in shared commitments to one another and to ourselves and provide dedicated time for practices that support personal and professional growth of students and adults alike. 

In 2022-2023, our community will include 700 students in grades 6-12, over 500 alumni, over 125 faculty members, and hundreds of families.  The majority of our students and families reside in Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, and Hyde Park.  As a charter public school, we welcome all students via an impartial public lottery and hold the same high expectations and ambitions for all of our students, including those with special needs and English language learners.

Boston Prep’s strategies have proven to be effective, helping students achieve at high levels, get into college, and succeed in college.  For ten consecutive years, all years in which Boston Prep has graduated students, 99% of Boston Prep graduates have been accepted to four-year colleges.  Over half (54%) of Boston Prep’s graduates have successfully earned bachelor’s degrees, a rate four times that of their peers from similar economic backgrounds and nearly twice the national average.  While we are incredibly proud of our alumni’s achievements, we know we can and must do better, and we will not rest until our students graduate college at the same high rates as their peers from our nation’s wealthiest communities.  

Over the past seventeen years, Boston Prep has continuously developed and improved.  As we step into a new chapter, we are committed to continuing to refine and improve our practices.  We know that our adult team is our most valuable resource and the strongest driver of our success.  We seek innovative, passionate, skilled, diverse team members to join us as we seek not to “return to normal,” but instead to build a new, better, more just learning environment. 

Boston Prep’s Middle School Assistant Principals will:

Partner with the Principal on key initiatives that support the development of a robust student culture and achievement of school-wide goals

• Serve as a thought partner for the principal

• Communicate regularly via public spaces (Community Meeting) to stress obtaining the mission

• Participate in school level leadership meetings, including partnership with instructional teams to assess progress toward attainment of goals, creating action steps accordingly

• Review multiple pieces of data, including attendance, behavioral, and academic data, and lead in development strategies and supports for students who are struggling in classes or during unstructured times

• Facilitate grade level team meetings and leadership; coaching individual teachers to ensure their professional growth

Develop and strengthen student voice and student activities at Boston Prep by partnering with students, faculty, and community members inside and outside of the classroom

• Communicate positive results or actions about students in a variety of forums, across a variety of mediums

• Proactively interact with students during breakfast, lunch, transitions, and dismissal to model school commitments, driving a positive community culture and building relationships

• Foster student leadership and presence in the school by strengthening student government and peer to peer support programs (i.e., support the leaders of Phoenix Senate and Phoenix Friends Mentoring) 

• Lead the onboarding process for new students, via summer onboarding

Design individualized student interventions and collaborate with stakeholders for implementation and assessment of effectiveness 

• Design student interventions by partnering with the Health and Counseling team, teachers, students, and families to identify students requiring plans, to create and implement individual intervention plans; proactively communicate the plans and provide regular updates. 

• Ensure students are on-time and in attendance at school; supervise daily attendance procedures, conduct necessary family follow-up inside and outside of Boston Prep, and monitor and take action related to truancy

• Set up the makeup work plan for long term absences, facilitate execution of plan

• File Truancy and CRA reports as necessary

Manage culture and uphold school and community commitments 

• With the principal, ensure timely and appropriate approach to student issues, differentiate the reflection process, and support teachers in their processing conversations, ensuring they occur with fidelity. This will occur in collaboration with the Principal, through proactive training and reactive feedback via observations 

• As required, conduct investigations of items related to the Code of Conduct, up to and including those that may require suspension. Partner with school leaders where appropriate and manage all communication and follow-ups with students, faculty, and families including required documentation

• Manage multiple staff members, including the building substitutes and culture support roles and possibly other instructional and operational roles

• On a consistent basis, review and analyze discipline data and communicate results to important stakeholders (i.e. in check-ins with principal, in grade levels, with students and families, to teachers, etc.)

• Using data, create and maintain solutions to meet the needs of specific subgroups (i.e. top 10%, Boys Group, Girls Group, etc.)

• Model the use of key communication structures, i.e. Dean’s List

Applicants must possess the drive, experience, and entrepreneurial spirit to contribute to an outstanding urban public school and community.  Boston Prep is committed to a diverse workplace.

For more information and to apply, please visit our website at

One Mission.  One Team.  One School.  We are Boston Prep. | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | YouTube

Boston Prep is committed to ensuring that all of its programs and facilities are accessible to all members of the public. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

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