RePublic Schools, Director of Personalized Learning (2018-2019) (Nashville, TN)

Nashville, TN


Date published: 5-Sep-2018

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RePublic Schools is a network of high-performing public charter schools based in Nashville, TN and Jackson, MS with a mission to reimagine public education in the South and prepare all of our scholars to graduate from college. In addition to providing a world-class traditional academic curriculum, we empower our students to be change-makers by teaching them to code – starting in the 5th grade.

Despite the fact that our scholars come from traditionally underserved communities (approximately 85% identify as low-income, and nearly 95% as students of color), we have seen them defy the odds to achieve outstanding results. RePublic’s schools have scored in the top 5% of all open-enrollment public schools across the state of Tennessee for both student growth and absolute achievement – making ours the first (and only) charter schools in state history to achieve this dual distinction.

At RePublic, we cultivate a cohesive community of families, staff, and scholars committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure our scholars succeed. We are looking for an ambitious, determined Director of Personalized Learning to work with our network academics team in Nashville, TN. Candidates must share our unwavering belief that all children can achieve at high levels and change the world. Sound like you?

What You’ll Do


One of the greatest challenges facing education is lack of access to the technological resources needed to drive student growth and results. Facebook, Apple, Instagram, and Xbox Live — all brands that many of our students encounter on a near daily basis. In our increasingly gamified world, the experience inside the classroom should enthrall students just as much, if not more, than their experiences outside of the school day. By maximizing our ability to hone in on individual student need, skill, and interest for maximum life success and happiness, the Director of Personalized Learning will create a truly revolutionary model for our scholars that redesigns learning.

Over the last two years, RePublic has partnered with The Carnegie Foundation to develop a pedagogy, curriculum, and software platform that has driven groundbreak practices across RePublic High School. RePublic is excited to continue expanding the Personalized Learning program across our schools, modeling for the education world what is possible when you combine smart software with high demand and a data-driven community.

Reporting to the Director of Academics, the Director of Personalized Learning will work with school and network leaders to set the vision for and drive initial iterations of RePublic's work in personalized learning. The Director of Personalized Learning is charged with managing the creation of a game-changing personalized learning platform that will propel RePublic students into the 21st Century.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with the principals and network leaders (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Academic Officer, Director of Schools, Director of Academics) to set a vision for personalized learning at RePublic Schools.
  • Develop and implement on a Personalized Learning teacher training model with a cohort of teachers across multiple campuses at RePublic Schools.
  • Work with software development team and the teaching team to iterate on the custom personalized learning platform developed to drive a personalized approach to internalization of content and pace of student progress/mastery.
  • Conduct the deep textual and field research necessary for groundbreaking innovation, which includes visits to pathbreaking schools and collaboration with forward-thinking partners
  • Oversee the roll-out of personalized learning platform to all RePublic students during the 2018-2020 school years.
  • Coach a diverse set of teachers to innovate on traditional methodologies of teaching, driving relentlessly against a high bar of student achievement.
  • Work with the Academics Team to iterate on existing curricular offerings across all content areas and innovate on delivery and practice with personalized learning instructional and curricular methodologies.

Who You Are

Our ideal Director of Personalized Learning will have an unwavering belief that our students can achieve at an exceptionally high level. Beyond that, a successful candidate will be:

  • Deeply committed to serving our kids. You have elected to work with historically underserved students, and do this work because you believe that all students, regardless of background, are capable of excellence - and that it’s on us as adults to get our kids there. You can speak knowledgeably about our mission, and demonstrate a commitment to our educational model. You understand that educational inequity is more pronounced in the South than anywhere else in the nation, and you want to work with RePublic in part because of our commitment to this region.
  • A former K-12 teacher. You have at least two years of teaching experience with a demonstrated track record of exceptional student outcomes.
  • A personalized learning guru. You have experience working with organizations or teams doing cutting-edge work in the realm of personalized learning.
  • A people developer. You believe that strong leaders move adult practice to impact scholar achievement, and your interest in leading others stems from your passion for seeing them productively struggle, develop, and grow as educators for kids - as evidenced by student outcomes. You thrive when others succeed, and you want to lead strong formal and constant informal professional development for diverse adult learners.
  • ...and a people leader. Let’s be real, managing people - and systems - is hard. You’ve either coached and directly managed teachers to high results or managed curricular systems with high results for at least two years before taking this job. You build relationships across lines of difference, inspire and motivate others to buy into your vision, navigate challenging conversations with finesse, make tough calls, communicate effectively in all formats, give and receive feedback fluidly, and model/hold a high bar for adult excellence and exuberance.
  • An entrepreneur at heart. You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong desire to do something that has not yet been done before. You have thrived in (or have a desire to be in) a role that is new or not yet completely defined, and/or in a growing, start-up organizations. You can set a vision, strategy, and direction for a project that has not yet been pursued;
  • A masterful executor. Your organizational systems ensure you get things done. You prioritize your time and fervently plan to maximize your time each day. You do the things you say you’ll do, and you communicate when you won’t. You delegate when needed, set deadlines, and hold others accountable to get across important finish lines.
  • A problem solver & systems creator. You have the ability to deconstruct complex problems and develop, actionable strategies. When encounter a one-off problem, you don’t just solve it in that instance, you create a system, so that it won’t happen again.
  • Other qualifications: A bachelor’s degree with a preference for a graduate degree in a related field.

Salary is competitive and commensurate based on experience. Compensation at RePublic includes a comprehensive benefits package.

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