United Schools Network, Alumni Services Coordinator (2018-2019) (Columbus, OH)

Columbus, OH


Date published: 13-Dec-2018

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Position: Alumni Services Coordinator                                                               

Reports to: Chief Schools Officer



The United Schools Network (USN) is a nonprofit organization that starts and manages urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college. The network includes two high-performing middle schools and two high-performing elementary schools. We are seeking an Alumni Services Coordinator to join the United Schools Network.



Vision: For every child, an open door.

Mission: Transforming lives and our communities through the power of education.

Core Values

  1. All students have the ability to achieve academic excellence. 
  2. All students thrive in a highly disciplined school environment.
  3. All students must be prepared to excel in demanding high schools on their way to selective colleges.
  4. All students deserve outstanding teachers that produce outstanding results.

Our Students and Results

        Admission is open to all students; academic proficiency is not considered during the admissions process.

        75% of our students are students of color and 90% are economically disadvantaged.

        USN schools serve students in grades K-8 and have a robust alumni services program.

        USN 8th graders regularly gain acceptance to the top high school programs in the city.


Joining Our Team

United Schools Network will consider hiring a full-time Alumni Services Coordinator who:


Leadership Skills and Characteristics

        Embodies, advocates, and operationalizes our network’s mission, vision, expectations, and values.

        Demonstrates a high level of professional maturity including emotional constancy in stressful situations.

        Has the ability to bring out the best in others and acts as a positive force to motivate others.

        Carefully manages tasks and time by being extremely well-organized and detail-oriented.

        Demonstrates tenacity and persistence in pursuit of solutions that maximize student achievement.

        Works collaboratively with the leadership team and instructional staff to support the needs of students.

        Is open and committed to implementing frequent feedback.

        Exhibits the ability to effectively relate to, engage, and communicate with a diverse group of students and their families in one-on-one, small group, and large group settings.


Administrative Duties

        Maintains detailed data on alumni progress through high school (grades, social adjustment, and school involvement).

        Maintains detailed data on alumni progress through college/university graduation and career placement.

        Implements high quality activities for alumni, aimed at staying in touch, becoming aware of student challenges, and keeping the focus on college completion.

        Assures that every alumnus is visited in his/her high school, hosts regular social and service events for alumni, and communicates with alumni regularly via phone calls, texts, email, and a monthly newsletter.

        Assist in the high school placement process by creating a “High School Guide”, meeting with 8th grade students, and other activities to support the Deans of Family and Community Engagement at each middle school.

        Creates and manages a social media platform aimed at maintaining relationships among alumni.

        Organizes and manages all alumni volunteer/service requests.

        Develops and maintains long-term relationships with local-area high schools in support of United Schools Network’s student success goals.

        Creates and maintains a database of community organizations/supports that can assist in alleviating obstacles that may arise on the path to college graduation.

        Conducts student/parent information sessions as well as college visits as alumni begin the process of applying to colleges.

        Researches, compiles, and maintains a summer opportunity database (programs, internships, etc.) and ensures that alumni are aware of all opportunities for enrichment.

        Develop programs and resources for alumni with a concentration on college and career readiness.


Experience & Qualifications

United Schools Network will consider hiring a full-time Alumni Services Coordinator who:

        Is dedicated to educational success for urban students.

        Has at least two years of successful teaching and/or school leadership experience in an urban school.

        Is open and committed to implementing frequent feedback.

        Communicates effectively with students, parents, and colleagues.

        Has technological proficiency using Google & Office products.

        Holds a B.A./B.S. degree.


Terms of Employment

Applications for this position will be considered immediately. Compensation and benefits are competitive; the Alumni Services Coordinator will participate in Ohio’s State Teacher Retirement System or School Employee Retirement System. United Schools Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


To Apply

Apply online at www.applitrack.com/cca/onlineapp.



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