Excel Academy Charter Schools, Dean of Self-Contained Programs (2018-2019) (Boston, MA)

Boston, MA


Date published: 22-Feb-2018

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Excel Academy Charter Schools is a network of tuition-free, public charter schools serving the Massachusetts communities of East Boston and Chelsea. It was founded to address the severe academic underperformance and low college matriculation rates of the student populations in these neighborhoods. Our founders envisioned a free, public school alternative where all students would be held to the highest academic and behavioral expectations, and college would become a reality. As a true public school, Excel is defined not by whom we exclude but by whom we include in our community. We are proud of the fact that we serve many students with special needs.


The network’s first school opened in fall 2003 in East Boston and now serves 224 students, grades 5 through 8. Excel Academy Chelsea, the 2nd school in our network, opened in fall 2011. Our third school, Excel Academy Orient Heights, opened in August of 2012. And our first high school, Excel Academy Charter High School, opened in fall 2015. Excel now educates 1100+ students in grades 5-11.  At full scale in 2019, Excel will enroll a total of 1,350 students in grades 5-12.



Duties and Responsibilities


The Dean of Self-Contained Program oversees the network self-contained program, housed at Excel Academy East Boston. The Dean is responsible for upholding a high bar of quality, both academically and culturally, for the program as well as ensuring that all students within the program make significant growth toward their IEP goals and, where possible, toward the academic, social, and executive functioning skills required for broader inclusion in the Excel program. This role reports to the Network Director of Student Supports.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:


Manage Self-Contained Academic Program

  • Ensure a high quality academic program in the self-contained classrooms, including: oversee implementation of the curriculum; determine progress monitoring schedule; allocate time and human resources to meet student needs; and determine usage of technology to support student learning
  • Train, manage, and coach the program’s teachers, including providing weekly plan feedback, conducting regular observations, tracking student performance data, and evaluating teachers in line with Excel’s evaluation cycle
  • Identify the related services (reading specialist, occupational therapist, etc.) needs of students within the program and coordinate with network leadership to source and schedule these needs; serve as manager for service providers exclusively serving self-contained program


Lead a Positive and Academically-Oriented Student Culture

  • Oversee and support teachers in leading student culture initiatives
  • Design systems, structures, daily routines, and curriculum that share the values of Excel’s mainstream behavior system and promote positive student culture in the self-contained classroom, during transitions, and in inclusion; and support teachers to implement these structures with efficacy
  • Create behavior plans for students with complex behavior needs and monitor implementation and efficacy of behavior plans
  • Create and execute “re-set” systems to minimize students’ time out of the classroom.
  • In conjunction with the Dean of Students, create referral procedures for students in the program and address high level behavior infractions
  • Design space set-up to support positive student culture


Build and Maintain Strong Relationships

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with students in the self-contained program and their families
  • Lead staff to build and maintain strong relationships with students and families
  • Ensure systems are in place to maintain frequent communication between staff and families that supports students’ investment in school and long-term success
  • Support relationship-building between students and general education teachers


Special Education Administrative Responsibilities

  • Chair IEP teams for students in the program; ensure appropriate implementation of IEPs and revise and/or amend existing IEPs as applicable
  • Manage all paperwork (e.g. triennial evaluations, IEPs, 504s, Teacher Input Questionnaires, IEP Progress Reports, subject-area checklists for MCAS, etc.) associated with Special Education cases, ensuring deadlines are met and information is accurately recorded
  • Oversee teachers in creating MCAS-Alt portfolios for students as needed


Serve as a Productive Member of Excel Academy – East Boston’s Administrative team:

  • Serve as a member of the school’s administrative team, including meaningful participation in weekly administrative meetings
  • Drive school improvement through participation in annual summer strategic planning cycle
  • In collaboration with the school leadership, provide support and training to staff members in how to interact and serve students when they include in the general-education setting


Serve as a productive member of the Excel Community

  • Uphold Excel Staff norms
  • Uphold school-wide expectations and systems (as appropriate for the self-contained and general-education settings)
  • Provide coverage when needed
  • Meaningfully participate in Friday meetings, school PD and family conferences


Do whatever it takes to make sure mission of the school is fulfilled



  • A Bachelor’s degree and certification in special education are required; a Master’s degree in special education is preferred;
  • A minimum of two years’ special education teaching experience in an urban public school or charter school setting is required;
  • Experience coaching or managing teachers is preferred, but not required;
  • A commitment to working with underserved, urban youth;
  • An unwavering commitment to and belief in the mission of Excel Academy Charter Schools, including Excel’s values and educational model;
  • The ability to focus and thrive in a fast paced, entrepreneurial environment;
  • The ability to work effectively in a team environment and the willingness and desire to support others in doing their best work; and
  • An entrepreneurial spirit that reflects an openness to change, a willingness to problem-solve, and an interest in developing new ideas & programs.



Excel provides a competitive compensation package that includes benefits and is commensurate with experience.


Excel Academy Charter Schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, ancestry, athletic performance, special need, proficiency in the English language or a foreign language or prior academic achievement.


Organization: Excel Academy Charter Schools

Job Title:  Dean of Self-Contained Programs

Campus/Location:  Excel Academy East Boston



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