Democracy Prep, Leader U (Baton Rouge, LA) (2018-2019)

Baton Rouge, LA


Date published: 13-Sep-2017

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By 2018, Democracy Prep will have as many as 25 schools in multiple regions such as Baton Rouge, Camden, New York City, and Washington DC. For successful expansion, we need a strong pipeline of leaders to take us there. Leader U is that pipeline.


Leader U is a highly selective school leadership development program for individuals to achieve the ultimate goal of campus leadership. Democracy Prep offers one and two-year Leader U programs to meet and cultivate talent in order to develop the best leaders for current, new, and turnaround Democracy Prep schools. The two-year Leader U program will start with the Leader U Residency followed by the Leader U Fellowship in year two, and in the one-year program, applicants start immediately in the Fellowship.

Who We’re Looking For

In general, you should be hungry, humble, and smart.  You will be working with a gritty team of professionals who are dedicated to the Democracy Prep mission of college success and authentic civic engagement for our scholars.  Ideally, you are an experienced educator with a track record of success and a passion for making real change in education.

Overview of the Leader U Program

Leader U Residency - Two Year Track

The two-year program starts while teachers are still in the classroom, with a reduced teaching load to have dedicated time for leadership growth and planning. After successful completion of an integrated year of teaching and leadership practice, Residents will progress onto their Fellowship year. The two-year Leader U program provides an extended runway to prepare for school leadership.


Leader U Fellowship - One Year Track

The Fellowship is an intensive leadership preparation program guided by the Fellow’s vision and plan for launching, taking over, or turning around his or her ideal Democracy Prep school. To build out this vision, Fellows participate in a leadership residency at a Democracy Prep school, are given extensive professional development by proven Democracy Prep leaders, train, and travel with Building Excellent Schools, and work on developing their school vision.

Required Core Competencies

  • Demonstrated willingness and track record of doing whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Quantifiable evidence of outstanding student achievement.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate, inspire, and manage diverse staff of teachers and support staff.
  • Unmistakable ability to engage students in the classroom and sustain a disciplined school culture of high academic and behavior standards.
  • Communicate effectively and maintain strong relationships with students, families, and colleagues.
  • B.S. or B.A. undergraduate degree required.
  • Master's degree in education preferred.
  • Four years teaching experience preferred.
  • Data to support significant student growth and achievement outcomes from your teaching experience.
  • Demonstrated leadership experience as a teacher (e.g. Grade Level Chair, Coordinator, Summer School Leader, Curriculum Writer, etc.).


Democracy Prep staff members are provided with a competitive salary, full benefits, and a working environment that includes all the necessary technology and resources to succeed.

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