Bright Star Schools, High School Assistant Principal of Instruction (2017-18) (Panorama City, CA)

Los Angeles, CA


Date published: 6-Apr-2017

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Bright Star Schools is a free, publicly funded and open enrollment non-profit organization with seven public charters in urban Los Angeles. Across all of our Bright Star sites, over 90% of our students are eligible for free and reduced lunch.

Bright Star students achieve academic excellence, accept responsibility for their futures, and embrace school as family. We offer students the opportunity to develop their unique talents and ambitions in a supportive, collaborative environment, so they are prepared for college and career, and to lead purposeful, fulfilling lives.


We are people-first as an organization, and we are students-first across all of our school sites. We are collaboratively working to prepare our scholars to be lifelong learners and leaders—to discover ways to create positive change for themselves, their families and their communities. All of our students participate in a program that features rigorous academics and rich life experiences, and the framework to our success is our core operating principles, which are high expectations, attention to detail, clearly defined standards of accountability, and continuous improvement.


Our educators join a family that is passionate and committed to developing all students to become well-rounded citizens. We make it a high priority to create a safe and inclusive environment for our students and staff and to cultivate leaders from within who are invested in Bright Star Schools’ mission.

Bright Star Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, pregnancy, or veteran status.


Assistant Principal: The Assistant Principal is responsible for supporting the Principal in the operation of the school site and is held accountable for attaining all designated Bright Star school outcomes (ultimately responsible for meeting teacher, student and parent needs). The Assistant Principal of Instruction’s primary area of responsibility includes oversight of the classroom instructional program (including teacher support and supervision).


Qualifications & Experience



  1. At least one year of experience in an instructional or administrative role.
  2. California Teaching Credential.
  3. Experience supervising other employees
  4. At least three years of teaching experience in 9th through 12th grades.
  5. Evidence of strong organizational, student management and interpersonal skills.
  6. Extremely high standards for student academic work and student behavior – expectation that all of our students (who are primarily from low-income, educationally disadvantaged families) will be able to rise to the same academic challenges and compete at the top levels with all students from across the city, regardless of family background. 
  7. Desire to be a team player and delegate as appropriate.

  Desired (but not required) in order of importance:

  1. Fluency in a second language. Willingness to learn Spanish if that isn’t the language of fluency.
  2. Post-graduate degree (Masters, Administrative Credential, or MBA.)

Responsibilities and Duties

Basic Components of the Job Description for this position

  • Manage 10-15 school site personnel including teachers and office staff. Management of teachers includes overseeing and supporting their educational plans and progression toward finishing their University Internship or BTSA programs and their ongoing professional development.

The following programs are under the direct or indirect supervision of the Assistant Principal:

    1. Connections (student discipline program)
    2. Enrollment and Student Schedules
    3. Annual Goals/Passing Requirements (data collecting and reporting)
    4. After School Enrichment, Athletics, and Life Experience Lessons (field trips)
    5. Catch Up Program (After School, Saturdays, Vacations)
    6. Parent Connections and Education
    7. Independent Reading Program
    8. Lunchtime and After School Supervision
    9. Curriculum & Instruction
    10. Summative Grades and Testing
    11. Grade Books, Report Cards and Transcripts
    12. Professional Learning Communities
    13. Teacher Professional Development
    14. Teacher Evaluations
    15. External Relations, Reporting, and Communications
    16. Student and Staff Recruitment
    17. Daily Attendance Reporting
    18. Quarterly Survey Program

  • Work directly with teachers to oversee:

    1. Instruction & Formative Grades including standards maps, benchmark goals, weekly plans for class work and homework, selection and use of texts and support materials (beyond those defined by Home Office), common assessment plans, and differentiated instruction including specialized programs for ELLs and SPED students.
    2. Summative Grades & Assessments (including Smarter Balanced, CST, ITBS, CELDT, Writing Exams, Midterms & Finals, and Study Island testing.
    3. Grade books, Report Cards & Transcripts by ensuring that teachers are giving enough appropriate assignments to complete all sections of their grade books. Verify that all gradesare inputted and summarized appropriately for our monthly progress reports and quarterly report cards. Oversee production of transcripts as appropriate.
    4. Enforcement by teachers and staff of the rules and procedures as outlined in the teacher and administrative handbooks.
    5. Professional Learning Communities road map and weekly sessions. The Assistant Principal gathers input from teachers and then supports the Principal in defining the Road Map for the year for our PLC program.
    6. Professional Development by working with each teacher on his or her individual professional development program. Serve as teachers’ advisor for university internship or mentor for credential renewal. Maintain yearly calendar of PD opportunities taken and oversee gathering of data for home office’s support and information center.

  • Support Principal in conducting formal and informal teacher evaluations.
  • Support Principal in leading external communications including relationships with our parent group, LAUSD, neighbors & community, LACOE, CDE, USDOE, WASC. Help to gather information and publish weekly teacher bulletin, biweekly parent newsletter, and monthly Board Dashboards and other requested reports.
  • Help support proactive student and staff recruiting. Conduct information and orientation sessions.
  • Support the development master schedule and teacher/student schedules.
  • Support in the creation, change, distribution, and collection of quarterly student, teacher, and parent surveys. Summarize data and use it to inform school improvements.
  • Teach Life Skills and/or GRIT classes
  • Motivate students toward high success and achievement.


  • The time commitment for this position is normally Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m
  • Attendance of at least two evening events per month and two Saturday programs or events each month (approx. 1.5 hr commitment to each such event or program).
  • Attendance of approximately 20 out-of-town days (and about 16 related evenings) each year including our Beginning, Middle, and End of the Year student life experience lessons (approximately 15 days per year) and an annual faculty retreat/teambuilding experience.
  • The calling of the position often requires a time commitment beyond the basic hours.
  • This is a year-round position consisting of 230 work days per year (5 weeks vacation plus holidays.)

Salary and Benefits:


Salary: BSS salary is based on experience and education

Status: Full Time

Start Date: An exceptional candidate will assume a full time role no later than August 2017

Location: Panorama City, CA

Benefits: Health, dental, vision, STRS retirement matching, life insurance, short-term disability, optional 403b plan, sick and vacation paid time off, and holidays.

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